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Spare parts

A full range of high-quality tools and supplies, including: tongs for working with any part of the frame, screwdrivers and screw cutters of sets and with various supports, fishing line of any thickness, nose pads, nuts and screws of various kinds of a set with different equipment.

Cutter (milling cutter, wheel) for lens groover machine

Lens groover cutter
¥ 28.00
¥ 25.00

Control panel sticker for lens processing machine

Control panel sticker
¥ 18.00
¥ 15.00

Plastic glasses sleeves, 10 pairs (price for a pack)

Glasses Sleeves
¥ 5.00

Silicone glasses sleeves with cut, length 52 mm (price for a pair)

¥ 0.90

Silicone glasses sleeves with cut, length 56 mm (price for a pair)

¥ 1.00

Silicone glasses sleeves, length 67 mm, hole 2*1 mm (price for a pair)

¥ 1.00

Silicone glasses sleeves with hook, length 55 mm (price for a pair)

¥ 1.15

Silicone glasses sleeves 1806 (price for a pair)

¥ 1.50

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