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Glasses sleeves

Eyewear slipping is one of the most common complains for eyewear users. This problem can be corrected by simply having Friction Sleeve on your eyewear temple.
If your eyewear temple is giving you soreness at the top of your ear or pressure at the side of your head, Friction Sleeve will alleviate it as it is made of ultra-soft silicone.
Its smooth, un-textured surface makes it aesthetically compatible with all eyewear.

Plastic glasses sleeves, 10 pairs (price for a pack)

Glasses Sleeves
¥ 5.00

Silicone glasses sleeves with cut, length 52 mm (price for a pair)

¥ 0.90

Silicone glasses sleeves with cut, length 56 mm (price for a pair)

¥ 1.00

Silicone glasses sleeves, length 67 mm, hole 2*1 mm (price for a pair)

¥ 1.00

Silicone glasses sleeves with hook, length 55 mm (price for a pair)

¥ 1.15

Silicone glasses sleeves 1806 (price for a pair)

¥ 1.50

Silicone glasses sleeves RB3025 (price for a pair)

¥ 1.15

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