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The retinoscope is a hand-held ophthalmological diagnostic device that is used to determine refractive errors in the eye. It consists of a head with optical and lighting systems and a lens mount, as well as a detachable handle that serves as a power source. During retinoscopy, the doctor, using the device, directs a beam of light into the patient's eye and, by the nature of the reflection of the light beam (by the speed and direction of its movement, by its shape and brightness), determines the type of refractive error (nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism) and the degree of its manifestation.
The retinoscope allows for an objective diagnosis of visual impairment without taking into account the subjective sensations of the patient during the examination. This is especially important when examining children and patients with whom communication is difficult for various reasons.
Modern retinoscopes allow you to get a clear reflex of the fundus without glare and distortion and make it possible to carry out both static (with a round or striped light beam) and dynamic retinoscopy. They are ergonomic, comfortable and easy to use and maintain. Their design is strong, reliable and designed for a long service life.

Retinoscope with a metal case YZ24B

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YZ11D ophthalmoscope + YZ24B slit retinoscope in one set, replaceable heads

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Retinoscope YZ24

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