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Slit lamp

A slit lamp is an equipment that is used to examine the front of the eye. The device consists of a microscope and a special illuminator. The cornea, vitreous, lens, anterior chamber, and retina fall into the field of view of this type of device.

Paper for chin to autorefractometry, slit lamp etc.

专机器纸片подбородник (листы)
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¥ 4.50
¥ 4.20

Slit lamp BL-66B this table

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¥ 8 200.00

Portable slit lamp BL-5000

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¥ 9 700.00

Slit lamp ST-2201B

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¥ 5 400.00

Projection halogen lamp Philips 7388

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¥ 80.00
¥ 79.00

Digital slit lamp microscope LX-88

LX-88 (LX-4)
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¥ 14 300.00

Digital slit lamp with image processing system LX-88D, with camera and computer

LX-88D (LX-6)
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¥ 24 000.00

Digital slit lamp microscope Bolan BL-88, table top and lamp included

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¥ 11 800.00

Digital slit lamp microscope with imaging processing system Bolan BL-88D2

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¥ 31 000.00

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