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Slit lamp

A slit lamp is an equipment that is used to examine the front of the eye. The device consists of a microscope and a special illuminator. The cornea, vitreous, lens, anterior chamber, and retina fall into the field of view of this type of device.

Portable slit lamp BL-5000

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¥ 9 700.00

Slit lamp BL-66B this table

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¥ 8 200.00

Digital slit lamp with image processing system LX-88D, with camera and computer

LX-88D (LX-6)
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¥ 24 000.00

Digital slit lamp microscope LX-88

LX-88 (LX-4)
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¥ 14 300.00

Projection halogen lamp Philips 7388

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¥ 120.00

Digital slit lamp microscope with imaging processing system Bolan BL-88D2

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¥ 31 000.00

Slit lamp ST-2201B

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¥ 5 400.00

Paper for chin to autorefractometry, slit lamp etc.

专机器纸片подбородник (листы)
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¥ 4.50
¥ 4.20

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