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For colorblind people

Color-blind glasses are glasses with specially coated lenses that help a person with color vision deficiency see colors more accurately.
Although colorblind glasses do not "cure" color blindness, they do give a colorblind wearer the ability to see the world more accurately, with a fuller spectrum of colors.
Colorblind glasses also have many practical uses, such as helping a colorblind person choose and match the colors and designs of their clothing (reducing the risk of odd color matching and color mismatches). Wearing colorblind glasses can also enhance career options for a color blind person.

Blue Block TR90 glasses with blue light protection for colorblind people 9912

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¥ 27.00

Blue Block metal glasses with blue light protection for colorblind people 225色盲镜

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Polarized sunglasses clip-on for colorblind people

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¥ 21.20

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