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Folding and pocket magnifiers

A magnifier will be useful in a wide variety of situations. With its help, you can read small text, examine the details of images, check the quality of details. The foldable magnifier is compact and fits easily into a pocket.

Pocket sliding magnifier X3/X6 with backlight MG21015

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¥ 13.00
¥ 10.00

Sliding magnifier X30/X60 with backlight Xinxiang 9881亚克力

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¥ 12.00
¥ 11.00

Sliding magnifier, 2X universal fold with lighting 95822放大镜ck

95822 放大镜
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¥ 11.00
¥ 10.70

Magnifier double magnifying folding with illumination MANGO 6901/6901A, 4X/8X

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¥ 16.00
¥ 15.70

Foldable portable magnifier with one lens (glass) 1051-60

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¥ 4.50
¥ 4.00

Folding MAGNIFIER with one lens DONGTA 活柄放大镜

DONGTA 活柄放大镜
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¥ 3.00
¥ 2.70

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