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Lens blocking pads, anti-slip discs

The choice of the sticky segment depends on the specific type of lens, it can be mineral lenses or polymer lenses with multilayer or hydrophobic coatings. DIVERONA.RU offers a wide selection of sticky segment, where you can buy the sticky segment that is most suitable for your optical workshop. You can buy a sticky segment from DIVERONA.RU at a bargain price with fast delivery from China.

Anti-slip lens discs, neutralizing lens disc, clear, oval 40 * 26, rectangular 40 * 28 OA029F/OA029G

¥ 92.00
¥ 89.00

Lens blocking pads of black color B-OA029

¥ 185.00
¥ 182.00

Lens blocking pads of light blue color OA029

¥ 105.00
¥ 102.00

Lens blocking pads of blue color T-OA029

¥ 155.00
¥ 152.00

Lens blocking pads of red color R-OA029

¥ 120.00
¥ 117.00

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