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Autorefkeratometer-modern ophthalmological equipment that is designed to determine the refraction of the eyes. Allows you to accurately measure the interpupillary distance, determine the width of the pupil and the curvature of the cornea. This important information is used when selecting glasses and lenses, so the devices themselves are installed not only in clinics and diagnostic centers, but also in opticians. Investments in equipment quickly pay off, and the specialist will have access to an effective and reliable diagnostic device that greatly facilitates the work of medical staff.

Auto refractometer / keratometer FKR8900

¥ 13 000.00

Auto refractometer RMK-700

¥ 26 000.00

Auto refractometer RMK-150

¥ 15 000.00

Autorefractometer RM-150

¥ 14 400.00

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